Edge Wrestled Major WWE Match After 60 Hours Without Sleep


Edge competed in a Premium Live Event match after being awake for over 2 days straight.

Following the return from apparent retirement in 2020, the WWE Hall of Famer has been juggling life in the ring on top of various acting roles. The upcoming project will see Edge play the role of Ares in the upcoming series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

With filming for the series taking place shortly before the Extreme Rules PLE, the Rated R Superstar would have to sacrifice sleep to make it from the set to the squared circle.

Edge Competes In “I Quit” Match After 60 Hours Of No Sleep

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, Edge would describe how he made managed to make it to the match after not sleeping for so long:

I’ve kind of engineered this thing to get Rhea and Beth face to face in the ring as many times as I could. I mean, if I’m being perfectly honest, like I’ve okay, how do I Okay, here and there we go. And I probably shouldn’t say this, but in the I Quit match, I’m handcuffed to the ropes. I’m sore, I’ve just been hit by a kendo stick like 52 times. And I’ve just flown overnight from Vancouver where I rapped on Percy Jackson at 1am, hopped on a jet, landed in Philly at 10:45, didn’t sleep for two days, got to the hotel, got Beth, went straight to the building. I’m handcuffed there, running on 60 hours of no sleep. And when they went face to face, and I saw the crowd come up, I was smiling like a little kid that just got the toy that he wanted for Christmas.

Edge would continue, stating how proud he is that wife Beth Phoenix is now able to get opportunities that were not present when she first debuted for the company:

And there’s multiple layers to that. I know that one of the women that influenced Rhea and showed her that she could do this was Beth. And I knew that Beth didn’t get the opportunity, because the opportunities weren’t there for the female division to have those moments when she was wrestling. So now it’s changed, the landscape has changed. Now the women get those opportunities. So it’s like, oh my god, if we could get this and the stories there, we’re married, it makes sense. Like, what other way do you get Edge to say I Quit? Well, that’s how, emotionally, psychologically. So it just all lent itself to that, that kind of pinnacle. And to have those moments together as sports entertainers, wrestlers, have them together. And for me, it’s so much, it’s so special to watch Beth get these moments now, because she deserves them.

The match would see Edge lose to Finn Balor due to Rhea Ripley threatening to hit Beth Phoenix with a con-chair-to. However, during the match, the former WWE Champion would get retribution on former ally Dominik Mysterio.

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