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Edge Seeks Top Guys As He Calls For AEW’s FTR On SmackDown


WWE Hall Of Famer Edge had to look for help in the most unlikely of places as Seth Rollins invaded his house on SmackDown on Friday night.

The bad blood between Seth Rollins and Edge continued on SmackDown with Rollins taking things to a new level as he let himself into The Rated-R Superstar’s house. With Rollins making himself at home exploring Edge’s home and eating his food, Edge was helpless as he was in Baltimore for SmackDown and the first night of the WWE Draft.

Thankfully for Edge, his wife and fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix was said to be at the grocery store with the couple’s two daughters so the house was empty when the unwanted guest turned up.

Edge was seen backstage frantically calling his wife and telling her to go to her sister’s house rather than return home. He also told Phoenix that he had already sought assistance from “Daniel and David” who were said to be on their way to deal with Seth Rollins.

The “Daniel and David” in question was a reference to former AEW Tag Team Champions FTR, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. Daniel is the real first name of Wheeler while David is the name of Dax Harwood. Both men are friends of Edge and live close by in Asheville, North Carolina.

Never ones to shy away from a fight FTR both took to social media to indicate their support for Edge. Dax Harwood Tweeted:

“I’ll go over there right now & beat his little b*tchass.”

While Cash Wheeler offered a throwback to the two men turning up for a match in AEW courtesy of their pick up truck.

Edge had previously spoken to ESPN about how the team formerly known as The Revival played their part in getting him ready for his return to wrestling after nearly a decade on the shelf:

“The Revival, they both live in Asheville, so they’d come, and they’d get in there with me, and they’d put me through my paces. I was keeping up with them. I wasn’t tired, and I wasn’t sore, and I thought, ‘OK, this is going to happen, and this is going to happen at a level that I wanted.’ I didn’t want to come back and be anything less than what I was. I’m going to have to work differently. I’m going to have different limitations … I still want to be able to go in there and be able to go half an hour.”