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Edge Says It’s Harder For Younger Talent To “Get Over” In WWE


WWE Hall of Famer Edge has done it all and, as proven by his monstrous pop when SmackDown took place in front of a live crowd for the first time in 18 months, he is OVER with the WWE Universe.

However, speaking as a guest on The Kurt Angle Show, which is available early via AdFreeShows, the Rated-R Superstar spoke about his WWE return, and how he sympathises with young talent because of the hurdles they face when trying to get over.

“I do appreciate the different set of circumstances that talent have to try to get themselves over in nowadays because I think it’s more difficult. I really, really do and having come back now and seeing it first hand, I’m like wow, this is harder to try and present your story and present your character because the format has changed due to necessity.”

Edge went on to clarify what he means by the increased difficulty.

“When I say more difficult, I mean for people coming into the industry now or coming into the company now. I have a body of work, so I don’t have to go through those same challenges because they’ve seen it, they know it and I can already come in and I’m already established. I’m talking if I were starting out now, oh man, and it was difficult when I started out back then too. I feel for a lot of young folks and I really do say just pick my brain because I can’t fully grasp what you’re having to encounter because I’m not at that stage in my career at the same time but I can at least give you some guidelines and some tent-poles to help you feel like you’re not drowning.”

Edge, though, had praise for one legend he knows very well – and whom he shared the ring with upon WWE’s return to performing in front of crowds.

“Rey Mysterio, he gets credit, but it’s still not the credit he deserves. I think because he’s been so consistent for so long, that he’s not appreciated to his full extent and I don’t know if he will be fully appreciated until he retires. When there’s no Rey Mysterio on the show, they’ll go ‘But wait? We need Rey.’ I think as a writer, as a company, as a fan, as a colleague, although I think colleagues and peers appreciate him more than anyone else because they truly fully grasp and understand it. That dude, for his style and what he’s done, to still even be in there at all let alone at the level that he’s performing at, he just did a Hell in a Cell with Roman Reigns. The term legend is thrown around a lot, dudes a legend. He’s a living legend and one day people will fully fully latch onto how special Rey Mysterio is.”

The Iconoclast noted how stars like Daniel Bryan had the road paved for them by Mysterio.

“Think about all the hurdles and obstacles he’s knocked down and how he changed an industry, because without him, I don’t think Daniel Bryan breaks through. And a lot of talents like that, I think Rey Mysterio is the reason that can happen. He proved it can work and people would buy it and pay to see it.”

The entire podcast is available to hear via The Kurt Angle Show, which is available early via AdFreeShows. h/t WrestlingInc.