Edge Reveals “The Wrestler’s Curse”


Ever since his days as part of The Brood alongside Gangrel and Christian, Edge has been in tune with the darker side of wrestling.

In recent years, he has even reached into that past to bring out some darker aspects of his character. In 2022, this led to the creation of The Judgment Day, which he led for some time until being betrayed by Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, and Damian Priest.

In his feud with the group, he still brought some of these elements to the fore, and during his entrance at WrestleMania 39, rose out of the flames sporting demon wings and a mirror mask to show that side of himself.

So, with that background, when he talks about curses surrounding the wrestling world, there’s a good chance he knows what he’s talking about.

Edge explains the ‘wrestler’s curse’

During an appearance on a recent edition of Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, the Rated-R Superstar explained what he calls the “wrestler’s curse”, but it’s not what you might think.

Paul pointed out to the Hall of Famer that in his experience, it seems like “wrestlers have only daughters”. Edge agreed, saying that’s what the “wrestler’s curse” is.

“It seems like it and it’s called ‘the wrestler’s curse’.”

Paul named other stars who only have daughters, including The Rock and Triple H. The multi-time World Champion agreed that it was “all girls”.

However, he says that he had a realisation that he was meant to be “a girl dad”, and since having daughters he also realised he could “murder someone” if they ever did anything to his girls.

“Although, all of that being said, I realized that I was put here to be a girl dad. You also realize like instantaneously, ‘Oh, I can murder someone”, because if somebody touches these girls, I’m gonna bite your throat out.”

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