Edge References Highly-Praised AEW Segment On Raw

Edge The Miz

Edge returned to WWE television screens on Monday Night Raw and the WWE Hall Of Famer did not shy away from referencing a recent must-watch moment from AEW.

On the 24th of November edition of AEW Dynamite, fans tuned in to see a momentous showdown between CM Punk and AEW original MJF. MJF was looking for retribution on Punk after the Straight-Edge Superstar embarrassed the Long Island native after laughing and walking away from him.

MJF wasted no time in going after CM Punk on the microphone, mentioning his seven-year hiatus from wrestling as well as his short-lived stint in the UFC.

Punk’s response was brutal as he laid into MJF for his ego as well as the fact that a young Maxwell Jacob Friedman had CM Punk posters on his wall. Punk drew gasps from the AEW crowd when he described MJF as a “less famous Miz.” MJF then referenced John Cena and Triple H before the two men looked to trade blows but MJF simply walked away from the fight.

Fast forward to Monday Night Raw and The Rated-R Superstar Edge was making his return to WWE television screens for the first time in several months. As he ran down a fresh roster of stars for him to face as he is now part of Raw, the former WWE Champion was interrupted by another returning star – The Miz.

But The Miz was not alone as he was joined by his wife and former two-times WWE Divas Champion Maryse. Miz ran down the fact his return from injury was not celebrated in the same way Edge’s return had been promoted on television.

At one point Edge referred to the AEW Dynamite segment when he told Miz:

“You have people on other shows saying your name just to get a cheap reaction. You live rent-free in a lot of heads.”

At that point, Edge was praising The Miz but the tension between the two men was palpable with many feeling the two are now destined to meet in a match somewhere down the line. Speculation on social media has suggested that match could be a Mixed Tag Team bout with Maryse joining The Miz and Edge being joined by his WWE Hall Of Famer wife Beth Phoenix.