Edge Recalls The Spear He Wishes He Could Take Back

Edge spears John Cena

Edge has been discussing his favourite spear from his illustrious career and the one that he wishes he could take back after it led to all sorts of injury issues.

The spear has been part of Edge’s arsenal since he joined WWE in 1998. Over the years many superstars have used their own version of the move, most notably Rhyno, Goldberg, and Roman Reigns.

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Edge reflected on his favourite spear he ever hit. It just so happens to be the most iconic spear in history with Edge nailing Jeff Hardy in mid-air at WrestleMania X-7.

Edge recalled:

“It’s the only one I’ve seen that took place 15-20 feet in the air and the margin for error was so razor-thin and the fact that we pulled it off and were able to walk away from it, it’s got to be the one. There’s a reason it’s played so consistently. The utter trust that Jeff placed in me to be able to pull that off and keep him as safe as possible. For him to take that without batting an eye — he outdid me with the most played moment of my career.”

At the other end of the scale, there is one spear Edge wishes never happened. The Rated R-Superstar explained that one particular spear left him a lot worse off in the long run.

Edge then stated:

“There was one I hit on Kurt Angle in a cage match off the top rope. I landed on my elbow and tore my labrum. That was my first injury and that was the snowball effect. Once I got that injury and I didn’t get it fixed, that led to tearing a pec and not getting it fixed. Then a fused wrist. It all goes back to that one spear and the start of needing surgery at some point.”

Edge and Angle met in several cage matches on live events in May 2002. This culminated in the two stars then meeting on SmackDown in a cage match on the 30th of May edition of the blue brand’s show. A bloodied Edge defeated Angle by hitting the Olympian with the spear from the top rope.

Edge is set to main event WrestleMania for the second time in his career on the 11th of April. The Royal Rumble winner faces Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship.

WrestleMania takes place on the 10th and 11th of April. The entertainment spectacular is available to watch on Peacock in the US and elsewhere on the WWE Network.

Credit: Out of Character with Ryan Satin

h/t Fightful for the transcription