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Edge On Matt Hardy Feud – “I Didn’t Enjoy Any Of That”

Edge Matt Hardy

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge has discussed his very personal feud in 2005 with Matt Hardy and admitted that he didn’t enjoy anything about it.

Edge and Matt Hardy had been two of WWE’s stand-out tag team stars during the Attitude Era with their performances in ladder and TLC matches living long in the memory for those that witnessed them. As things moved on, both men broke out as singles stars. Hardy had been in a long-term relationship with fellow Team Xtreme member Lita but the rails started coming off that relationship when Hardy suffered an injury that kept him out of action. With Matt Hardy off the road, Lita and Edge began travelling together and before long began a relationship of their own. The fallout from this was very public with Hardy sharing all the details online once he found out. This led to him temporarily being fired from WWE with fans furious at Edge and Lita from a distance on Matt Hardy’s behalf.

Once tensions began to ease, the company decided to make something out of what had been a terrible situation for those involved. Hardy was brought back to the company and began attacking Edge who was now aligned with Lita on-screen.

The Rated-R Superstar certainly lived up to his nickname at the time but now speaking to Kurt Angle on The Kurt Angle Show – first available at AdFreeShows.com – Edge has revealed he didn’t want any part of it.

Edge explained:

“I think when everything with Matt [Hardy] and [Lita], I didn’t enjoy any of that, that was hard. It was a position that I put myself in and thought okay, I made my bed, I just got to deal with this. Then I thought okay, we’re here now, how can we pull a positive? Let’s make some money. That’s what we did, this is the situation, now let’s try and get something good out of this pretty lousy scenario, the matches were [good] though because I loved working with Matt.”

Edge missed his chance to become WWE Universal Champion for the first time at Money In The Bank as he fell to defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns. Reigns did receive help from his former Shield brother Seth Rollins who brawled with Edge after the match was over.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show via AdFreeShows.com

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription