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Edge Hits Back At Criticism Over Royal Rumble Win At 47


Edge was a guest on the ‘WWE After The Bell With Corey Graves‘ podcast where he opened up about criticisms of his Royal Rumble victory.

Speaking to Graves, 47 year old Edge admitted he is fine with people having an opinion about his age in the business. He believes his return can be used to help the new generation of WWE superstars thrive and hopes to give them a good “dance” together.

I can’t control people’s opinions, I can’t control if people have ageism issues. What I want to do is come back and tell how the story [is told] and tell it with multiple dance partners. If those dance partners can take something from it, that’s my goal.

You can talk about stuff in the back, but until you’re in there and in the pocket and in the zone together, that’s where you can try and impart some proper knowledge.

Somehow, I’ve been able to get through 4 decades with a break in there and have laid hands on all of these talents throughout the years and if I can do what those guys did for me for a new generation of talent, that’s why I wanted to come back.

Edge reiterated the ‘rub’ he wants to be able to give the talent. Pointing out that he wants to leave the business better than when he came into it with the 29+ years of wrestling wisdom he can impart on those around him.

I just want it to be that if a talent sees ‘Vs. Edge’ on the sheet, that they’re excited and not ‘this is going to be difficult’.

I don’t want to get to that stage, I’ll be gone before that happens hopefully in a perfect world. I want to come back and just try and tell some great stories. If I can impart some type of wisdom or experience from doing this for 29 years, then that’s part of the goal. I want to leave this better than when I came into it.

The 2021 Royal Rumble winner will face a champion of his choosing at WrestleMania 37. Edge admitted that he hasn’t decided yet in which direction he wants his path to lead, but what we do know is that Balor, McIntyre and Reigns are ready, and waiting.

You can find the entire podcast with Corey Graves here, H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.