Edge Has One Hilarious Word That Comes To Mind When He Thinks Of Christian Cage

Edge Adam Copeland

Edge has one word to first describe his old pal Christian Cage and he says it with a smile across his face.

The WWE Hall Of Famer sat down with the WWE social media team and they presented the star with a word association name game. It was a mixture of stars mostly from WWE’s yesteryear but one he happened to be super familiar with is Christian Cage. When the AEW star’s name got mentioned, Edge laughed out loud before giving his hilarious answer.

“’D***head’ is the first word that always comes to mind and anybody who knows us will understand it, but I love him like no one else on the planet.”

Cage happened to be in good company when it came to Edge’s light-heartedness as when he was asked about his wife Beth Phoenix, the first word he used was “stubborn” before giving his honest answer of “trailblazer.”

Edge Gives High Praise To Several Other Colleagues

Although he only could use a few words for his responses, Edge managed to pick some good ones for the other stars mentioned. For John Cena he chose “work ethic,” for Rey Mysterio he chose “genuine,” Gangrel he chose “sweetheart,” Kurt Angle he chose “freak,” The Hardy Boyz he picked “lightning,” and for Dolph Ziggler he labeled “so damn talented.” However, the one star to possibly get the highest praise was “The Apex Predator” Randy Orton as Edge gave some deep thought before calling him “The Best.” Although he wasn’t asked about Seth Rollins during this video, he did designate the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion as the “Rated-R Superstar of today.”