Edge Goes Rated-R On Negative Fan Reaction

Edge Thumb

Edge has hit back at a fan for negative comments aimed at himself and his wife following the posting of a recent picture of the couple on social media.

After Beth Phoenix took to Twitter to show off a recent picture of her and her husband in the rain, a random fan took it upon themselves to comment on the picture, stating:

“Looks like Edge is taking a picture with some random soccer mom, head of the Pa, or Karen. Odd couple.”

Spotting the retort in the replies of the post, Edge furiously replied, somewhat hilariously, to the member of the public stating that the person should secure enough lubricant until they crawl out of their hole again. The full tweet, which can be seen below, read:

“What you see is Adam standing with his wife & mother of their children whom he loves unconditionally. Assuming from your page that you won’t find out what that’s like & your biggest concern is making sure you have enough lubricant to get by until you next crawl out of your hole.”

Edge is currently out of action after suffering a torn pectoral muscle at WWE Backlash back in April. He is widely thought to be returning in time for the 2021 Royal Rumble where he will resume his rivalry with Randy Orton going into WrestleMania 37.

Beth Phoenix currently serves as NXT commentator, though recently she has been providing live analysis via satellite link in order that she doesn’t have to travel on a weekly basis during a pandemic.