Edge Claims WWE Star Is The “Rated R Superstar Of Today”

Edge dives on Dominik Mysterio

As the Rated-R Superstar, Edge showcased a darker, edgier side to his character and rose to become one of the most respected heels in recent WWE history.

Since coming out of retirement at the 2020 Royal Rumble the star has occasionally dipped into the persona but has mostly played a blend of all of his characters. During this period one of the former World Champion’s biggest feuds has been with Seth Rollins.

The pair met in a trilogy of matches that ended with Edge claiming the win inside Hell In A Cell at Crown Jewel in October 2021.

Speaking on the latest episode of the After The Bell podcast, the star heaped praise on Rollins, dubbing him the “Rated-R Superstar of today.”

“I mean, I think Seth Rollins is a guy that we’ll never fully be through with each other. And I think part of the reason it’s because we’re so damn similar. We look at things in a very similar way. You know, he’s carved his own path, just don’t take this comment, and I’m sure they’ll clickbait it and run with it. But to me if I look at it, and if I make the comparisons to rosters of yesteryear, like he is the Rated-R Superstar of now, he is firmly his own thing, don’t get me wrong, he’s carved his own path.

But if you are trying to draw comparisons to previous generations, which always seems to be the case, he’s in that ballpark anyway. And to me, he’s also quite possibly the most entertaining thing on our shows, and that’s been for a long time. He brings it no matter how tired, no matter how beat up, no matter how sore and he’s a workhorse but he’s a workhorse that has so many layers.

I just you know, to be honest anytime I can get in there with him I know what it feels like we both know what feels like the minute we touched I was like ‘Ooh okay, all right, we got something here. So hell yeah, I mean I do that in a heartbeat,’ you know, we had a trilogy that doesn’t mean can’t be more.”

Edge Looking To End Feud With Finn Balor

On the March 6th episode of WWE Raw, Edge continued his very personal rivalry with Finn Balor. The WWE Hall of Famer arrived through the crowd to attack the former Universal Champion and cost him his match against Johnny Gargano.

In a backstage promo later in the show, the veteran said he would be alone in the ring next week waiting for his rival. It has been reported that the pair are expected to meet at WrestleMania, potentially in a Hell In A Cell match.

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