Edge Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of His First Televised Match With WWE


Edge has enjoyed a career that many can only dream of and even managed to come back from a serious neck injury that sent him into retirement.

However, before the comeback, before becoming a beloved member of the WWE roster, and before the 11 World Championships, a young Adam Copeland stepped into the ring on June 16th, 1998 to make his televised debut.

His one-minute and seven-second count-out win over Jose Estrada was broadcast on the June 22nd episode of Raw and marked the start of a run few have been able to match.

Posting on social media to celebrate the anniversary of his debut, Edge thanked fans for supporting him for the last 25 years, while reflecting on the life that WWE has given him.

“25 years ago today was my first match as Edge on television. Millions of miles, millions of faces, amazing experiences, lots of injuries, accomplishments that didn’t even exist when I started, but way more laughs than anything else. Having a second chance to do this has filled me with gratitude. I’ve had an opportunity to get in the ring with a whole new generation of amazing talent and introduce Edge to a whole new generation of fans. That alone makes it a win. I’ve been able to make a living doing the only job I ever dreamed of. I know how rare that is. Thanks for watching Edge all these years.”

Edge To End His Career Outside Of WWE?

Although Edge has become synonymous with WWE, one of his former rivals believes that he will actually end his career elsewhere. Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Matt Hardy said that he could envision Edge wrapping up his WWE career before having a handful more matches away from the sports entertainment giant.