Edge Breaks Down Why He Failed As Leader Of The Judgment Day

Edge Rhea Ripley Finn Balor Judgment Day

Edge began his story with The Judgment Day at WrestleMania 38, and one year later that story will come to an end.

On night two of the spectacular in 2022, the star defeated AJ Styles with a helping hand from Damian Priest. One month later the pair were joined by Rhea Ripley, and WWE’s latest spooky faction was off to the races. However, that bliss, at least for Edge, didn’t last long.

In June, Edge was deposed as leader of the faction in brutal fashion by Finn Balor. Since then, they have recruited Dominik Mysterio and gone from strength to strength, all the while waging war on their former leader.

Speaking during an appearance on After The Bell, Edge admitted that he was never going to work as the group’s figurehead. The task of making the audience turn on his character given they know so much about his real-life struggles was simply too big of a hurdle to clear.

“With Edge at the helm, it’s swimming upstream because we’re trying to get an audience to turn on a character, but they know the backstory to this character, they know the real-life story behind this character, they know Adam’s story, It just wasn’t gonna work. It might have eventually with more time, but it would have taken a lot more work.”

Edge Vs. Finn Balor Set For WrestleMania

While the feud between Edge and The Judgment Day was seemingly set to run forever, the WWE Hall of Famer has other ideas. On the March 13th episode of Monday Night Raw, the star challenged Balor to a match at WrestleMania. But that wasn’t enough. Once Balor agreed, Edge upped the stakes, commenting that there was only one way to really settle their issues. Inside Hell In A Cell. Again, Balor quickly accepted.

H/t to Wrestling Inc