Edge Back In Action At Elimination Chamber

WWE Hall of Famer Edge

The war between Edge, Beth Phoenix, and Judgment Day has been long and hard-fought, but it appears that it might soon be coming to an end.

After creating the Judgment Day at WrestleMania 38, Edge was crudely thrown out of the group in June 2022 after Finn Balor joined the faction. The two sides have been at war ever since, with Balor and Edge meeting in a vicious “I Quit” Match at Extreme Rules in October, as the violence also involved Beth Phoenix.

Edge and Phoenix returned to WWE at the 2023 Royal Rumble and renewed hostilities with Judgment Day. Two days later, the fighting continued on Monday Night Raw with chaos breaking out during the main event and opening segment.

Fast forward seven days and the Rated R Superstar and The Glamazon opened Monday Night Raw. Edge stated that Judgment Day was his fault as he created the group, but explained that his plan worked. Every member of the group is better off than they were a year ago.

As Phoenix said that she had come to fight, Judgment Day arrived and this sparked a back-and-forth between the two sides. Eventually, the former Women’s Champion challenged Balor and Rhea Ripley (Who isn’t at Raw) to a Mixed Tag Team Match at Elimination Chamber. The challenge was quickly accepted.

Will Edge Wrestle At WrestleMania?

The announcement comes after it was reported that Edge and Finn Balor could be set to meet inside Hell In A Cell at WrestleMania 39. Furthermore, Edge could reprise his Brood persona while Balor could bring back “The Demon” for the event.

There had been speculation that the match could take place at the Royal Rumble, but plans never worked out. This was because Edge was filming a new television show for Disney+ and wouldn’t have been available to build the match.