Edge And WWE “Not Close On Money”

Edge on WWE SmackDown

It doesn’t look like Edge will be signing a new WWE deal soon.

On August 18th, Edge wrestled Sheamus on SmackDown in what was the final match of his current WWE contract. The legend has been open about his status in recent months, admitting he’s unsure whether he’ll ever wrestle again.

However, he took to social media to deny reports he’d had some kind of fallout with the company over his demands for a new deal, revealing he had an offer sitting in his inbox.

Despite this, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the star and WWE remain some way apart on money. Edge isn’t on his own in this regard with Drew McIntyre also no closer to agreeing a new contract.

“It’s the same thing with Edge and McIntyre. Not that those deals are dead in WWE, but they’re not close on money. And that’s where it stands. It’s not like somebody, you know, whatever these people ask for. It’s not like it’s a rubber stamp even though WWE is loaded with money. Tony’s running a business. WWE is running a business.

They have an idea of a salary scale. WWE can afford anything and anyone, but they’re not. They have a mental salary scale of what people in certain positions get. And some of the guys want more or think that they deserve something commensurate to people that the company thinks are higher level and they think they’re at the same level of. So that’s kind of the situation. And it goes again on both sides.”

Edge Still Under WWE Contract

While Edge hasn’t agreed a new contract, his existing deal hasn’t expired just yet.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the recent removal of Edge from the internal roster was “premature,” and he remains under WWE contract. Although that deal expires this month.