Edge Almost Suffocated Live On WWE TV Due To Issues With A Prop


Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz shared one of the most famous tag team feuds in WWE history in the the final months of 1999 and throughout 2000.

The two teams, often with the Dudley Boyz thrown in for good measure, traded tag team gold and death-defying stunts as they raised the bar for violent creativity in WWE. However, it was one of the more straightforward matches that almost led to the most serious consequences.

At No Mercy 2000, the Hardy Boyz battled Edge and Christian for the World Tag Team Titles. Although this wasn’t Edge and Christian as fans remember them. After being banned from challenging for the titles a month earlier, the two men donned masks and gold suits, performing as Los Conquistadors.

Edge Almost Passed Out During The Match

During their match at No Mercy, Edge and Christian arrived in their gold marks and outfits, but a mix-up meant the former’s mask was only spray-painted a couple of hours before the show.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy explained how his rival began to struggle with the fumes from the paint during the match.

“They didn’t have enough masks when we got to the building,” Hardy said. “I wanna say there was one. They went out to a mall and bought some masks. I wanna say it was some famous Mexican masks or whatever. Adam’s mask, Edge’s mask, was actually spray-painted gold. He almost suffocated. He almost passed out because he was wearing a mask that had been spray-painted just a couple of hours earlier.”

During the match Hardy ripped off Edge’s mask, only to reveal that there was another mask underneath. Matt Hardy surmised that it was likely the second mask that was causing the issues.

“I would guess that [the spray-painted mask] is the mask that was on underneath once the top mask came off.”

In the midst of the confusion, Christian hit his Unprettier to score the win.

H/t to Sportskeeda