Edge Recalls Recieving Advice From Bret Hart On Live TV Before Becoming A Wrestler

Edge Bret Hart

Long before he was known as Edge, a young Adam Copeland got valuable advice on live television from none other than Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart!

Though he would go on to be the Rated R Superstar and a WWE Hall of Famer, a young Adam Copeland attended a 1992 taping of the Canadian daytime television talk show The Dini Petty Show on the same day Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was a special guest.

Speaking on the latest episode of A&E’s Biography: WWE Legends, Edge spoke about his journey in becoming a wrestler and how he’s gotten to live his dream.

“I understand that, for me, my life is awesome. I did the only thing I ever wanted to do, which was be a wrestler and succeeded at it. I constantly sit back and reflect. And I think losing the career for nine years made me appreciate it even more and getting it back.”

Edge also spoke about the effect Bret Hart’s advice during the Dini Petty Show had on him, encouraging him to follow his dream but also making sure that he knew hard work was the only way to get ahead in professional wrestling.

“It was massive because he was WWF champion at that point. It was huge. And I considered him the best in the world, so for me to get that encouragement and also understanding that he couldn’t give me the answers to the test because there weren’t any answers, and there aren’t really any answers. You just have to go keep plugging away.”

Despite retiring after what was thought to be a career-ending injury in 2011, Edge made a spectacular return to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble. He is currently a featured star on Monday Night Raw, and after his fellow members of The Judgment Day launched a vicious attack on him earlier this year, he made his return at the 2022 edition of SummerSlam. He is currently scheduled to face Damian Priest on the upcoming episode of Raw in Toronto, ON.

h/t Fox News