“Eddie Was P*ssed” – Former WWE Star Recalls Backstage Altercation Between Eddie Guerrero & Brock Lesnar

Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar face off in the ring

Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero had a classic match at No Way Out back in 2004, however, the pair also had an altercation ahead of the bout.

On the episode of SmackDown before Lesnar put his WWE Heavyweight Championship on the line against Guerrero, the two met in a tag match which saw Latino Heat teaming with John Cena to defeat Lesnar and The Big Show.

As it turns out, The Beast Incarnate was a bit too heavy-handed with his rival.

Eddie Guerrero called out Brock Lesnar for “stiffing” him

Recalling the aftermath of the match on The Undisputed Podcast, Chavo revealed that Eddie was p***ed at Lesnar for stiffing him, leading to him calling the Conqueror into his dressing room.

“Brock is such a strong guy, people don’t really understand how strong he is. After the match, Eddie was pissed because Brock stiffed him a bunch of times, that Eddie felt.

“Brock was working, but he was working so hard. Eddie pulls him into his dressing room and he’s like, ‘Brock! Get in here!’ They get into the dressing room and I’m like, ‘Am I going to have to open this door and help Eddie fight Brock?’

However, the pair straightened things out without it coming to blows.

“When they got out of there, they had straightened it out, and I remember Brock looking at me and going, ‘You know I was going to beat up Eddie in the ring, right?'”

Despite this, Chavo says Eddie was still worried that Lesnar would put him over in their match at No Way Out and was ready for a fight if it came to it.

“Eddie came to fight. He was ready to die with honor [laughs]. He was like, ‘You never know what’s gonna happen out there.'”

On the night, the match went off without incident, and Guerrero captured the WWE Championship for his only reign with the title.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.