Eddie Kingston Wants To Open Homeless Shelter


Speaking to Renee Young on her Oral Sessions Podcast, AEW star Eddie Kingston gave his goals for the year ahead.

On top of wanting to win the AEW World Title (specifically only from Jon Moxley) and become the top guy in the promotion, Kingston wants to compete outside of AEW, and interestingly give back to the community. Eddie spoke about wanting to open a homeless shelter in Jacksonville, and later on New York, but admits that he doesn’t quite earn the money to be able to do it just yet – first he needs to be the “top guy” in AEW!

I know this is a pipe dream but it hit me when I was driving through Jacksonville; I would like to be able to make enough money where I can be like – there’s a lot of homeless in Jacksonville – Maybe find a spot and open up a shelter.

I’m not trying to be a good person. It just came to my head. No, I don’t have enough money yet to do that. It would be something nice to do. I would like to do something in New York as well. I gotta get to my top guy spot to get that kind of money

An incredible gesture from one of AEW’s beacons of inspiration in the locker room which we’ve seen lately. Eddie Kingston has high aspirations for his 2021, the homeless shelter showcasing his desire to help others around him. But it’s his other target which is more tuned in, Kingston wants to compete in Muay Thai fights, revealing his background in the sport, he says:

I want to get at least two Muay Thai fights in. I already have two amateur ones. I train at American Top Team in East Orlando. We do kickboxing, no elbows or knees to the head. 1-1, never been knocked out. I would like to have at least two more in 2021.

Whatever road Eddie takes in 2021 he’s destined to be a success whether in the squared-circle or out. His AEW form has started rocky with his most recent defeat to Pac on AEW Dynamite (0-1 record), but there’s plenty of year ahead for Eddie to reach his goals.

You can listen to the full podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts.