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Eddie Kingston Reveals He Suffered A Panic Attack After His Match At All Out

Eddie Kingston

In a wide-ranging open letter to fans, AEW star Eddie Kingston has discussed his mental health struggles revealing that he suffered a panic attack after his match at All Out.

Writing in the Players Tribune, Eddie Kingston has opened up about his early life, his career and his struggles with his mental health. Kingston’s story may well be worthy of a Hollywood screenplay one day, but the obstacles that he continues to face are very real.

In the brutally monologue Kingston describes fighting his way through Yonkers, often literally, to being financially and mentally on his knees some 20 years later when AEW finally came calling.

After making his debut against Cody Rhodes, Kingston was signed by the company after an incredible show of support across social media. However, that didn’t mean that his struggles were over. Kingston explained that his metal health is still a work in progress, revealing that despite a well-received showing against Miro at All Out he suffered a panic attack later in the night.

“As a matter of fact, I had one right after I fought Miro at the All Out PPV. My phone started blowing up with all these people telling me great job, just showing me love, and I just couldn’t handle it. I got overwhelmed. My chest got tight. The walls started closing in. I started to go numb. It felt like I was breathing through a straw.

But I was able to calm myself down and slow my breathing, because I’d been strong enough to reach out and get professional help, and I know what to do now. I know how to live with my anxiety and depression. And I’m not afraid to talk about it. I don’t care what the old-school guys in the business have to say about it. It ain’t 1987 no more.

I know that I am not fixed. I am not perfect. I still have some really dark days, to be honest with you. But when I wake up in the morning, no matter how bad I feel, I know one thing for sure, and I’m damned proud of it….”

Eddie Kingston is currently on a collision course with CM Punk. After Kingston interrupted a promo from Punk on an episode of Rampage, the former WWE star called out Kingston on the following episode of Dynamite.

This led to a heated confrontation between the two men days later on November 5th. The stars insulted each other before Kingston challenged his rival to a match at Full Gear saying that he only cared about beating Punk up. At this, a brawl ensued which had to be broken up by officials, trainers, referees and other wrestlers.

After the chaos abated, it was confirmed that the two men will meet at Full Gear on November 13th.