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Eddie Kingston Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling

Eddie Kingston

Wrestling stars have been naming their Mount Rushmore in recent weeks and now Eddie Kingston has had his say, and he doesn’t care if you like it or not.

The Rock and The Undertaker have named their own all-time top four [or in The Rock’s case seven] wrestling stars that could fill the sport’s own version of a Mount Rushmore.

Now AEW star Eddie Kingston speaking to NY News 12 Long Island has named his own Mount Rushmore and has gone for his personal favourite four pillars, and there’s not a mention of MJF in sight:

“I’m just going to go with my personal favorites. Not the people who drew the most money, not the people who made the most impact in the business, just my personal favorites,” Kingston said. “Honestly, it’s the Four Pillars of All Japan-Pro Wrestling. (Toshiaki) Kawada, (Akira) Taue, (Mitsuharu) Misawa and (Kenta) Kobashi. There you go, there’s my Mt. Rushmore right there.”

“All Japan 90’s and some of them when they went to (Pro Wrestling NOAH). There’s your Mt. Rushmore for me personally because they’re the guys I still watch to this day. I just watched Misawa and Taue from ’96 or ’95 the other day on the phone.”

“No one wrestles like them. No one will ever wrestle like them. I love them to death. Kobashi is my personal favorite. Kawada, I feel like I’m a kindred spirit with Kawada. But no one wrestles like them, no one will ever be them. That’s the benchmark. I’m trying to be better than them, not to be like them because nobody could ever be like Kobashi, Kawada, Misawa, Taue ever again.”

Kingston closes by saying he’s hoping to emulate his heroes in the wrestling ring and in typical fashion, makes sure to let everyone know that The Mad King doesn’t care if you compare his list to The Great One’s:

“I’m trying to be better than them. And look, I’ll probably never reach that. But if I get close, that means I’m doing pretty good. So that’s my Mt. Rushmore. Put that on the clickbait, compare it to The Rock’s. I don’t care. Honestly, I don’t know The Rock, I don’t know The Undertaker, I don’t know Hulk Hogan, so I don’t care. So there you go. If I don’t know you, I don’t care.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.