Eddie Kingston On The Match That Would Be ‘The Highlight Of His Career’

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has reiterated his desire to wrestle current KO-D Openweight Champion Jun Akiyama, noting that the bout would be ‘the highlight of his career’.

In an interview with FanByte, the AEW star discussed his love for Japanese wrestling, in particular the quartet known as ‘The Four Pillars of Heaven’: Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue, and Kenta Kobashi.

But Kingston reserved special praise for Akiyama, who is considered by many to be the ‘Fifth Pillar’:

That man is a legend. Should be treated as such and spoken of as such.

A match between the pair may not be out of the realms of possibility, given All Elite’s working relationship with Akiyama’s current promotion DDT Pro.

This was witnessed earlier this year when Akiyama’s next title challenger, Konosuke Takeshita, spent several weeks in Jacksonville on excursion.

When pressed on how a match with Akiyama might look, Kingston had the following in mind:

I would chop him, smack him, hit him, suplex him just like he would to me. And we would fight and it would be great because I just like fighting in that ring. I know I would learn something from him in the King’s Road style.

With the Forbidden Door now firmly wedged open, The Mad King Eddie Kingston may well end up getting his dream match with Akiyama, either in AEW or in DDT Pro.

With thanks to FanByte for the transcript. Click here to read the full interview.