Eddie Kingston Addresses Malakai Black’s Current Situation

Eddie Kingston Thumb

Eddie Kingston has offered his thoughts on the current situation regarding his AEW colleague Malakai Black.

Rumours began circulating prior to AEW’s All Out event that Malakai Black had requested his release from the company. Black then gave a heartfelt speech to fans at Prestige Wrestling’s ‘Perserverance’ show, confirming his wrestling hiatus.

Following this announcement, numerous news sites had speculated that Black had been granted a ‘conditional release’ from AEW, something which Black has vehemently denied.

The former NXT Champion took to social media this week to clarify his situation, confirming that he has been given time off by Tony Khan and will eventually return to AEW.

Fellow AEW wrestler Eddie Kingston recently spoke about Malakai Black during a Q&A with Bleacher Report:

“Well, first of all, I do see him doing big things. I’ve known Malakai for about 15 years, maybe more. I don’t know. Yeah, I first met him when I was doing tours out in Germany. He’s going to be a star when he’s ready and when he wants to. And I wish him nothing but the best and I wish him all the happiness in the world, him and his wife [Zelina Vega of WWE], because I know them as people.”

Kingston continued:

“I don’t know them as just performers or whatever, or pro wrestlers, but as a human being I know him and he’s gonna be OK. And I know that and he has a good support system around him.”

Malakai’s House of Black stablemate Buddy Matthews has also announced that he will be taking a break from professional wrestling to “recalibrate”. But like Black, Matthews has reiterated that “this isn’t goodbye, this is see you later”.