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Eddie Kingston On Infamous Sting GIF – “The Fan Came Out Of Me”

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has discussed the viral meme that was spawned when Kingston realised he was standing in a wrestling ring on TNT with ‘The Icon’ Sting.

AT AEW Homecoming at the beginning of August Kingston teamed with Jon Moxley and Darby Allin to face newcomers 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. After Kingston’s team picked up the win, the three victors stood tall with Allin’s ally Sting. Kingston then wrapped his arm around The Stinger and expressed his unbridled joy at sharing the ring with him.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh, Eddie Kingston explained that the moment happened organically and it was the wrestling fan coming out in Kingston:

“Everything I do is pretty spontaneous. People can say whatever they want about wrestling, but when I get in there, I do whatever I feel. So get ready and be on your toes. Terry Funk is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, and he is one of the guys that I study a lot. You never knew what he was gonna do, and I am the same way.”

“But that was spontaneous, I just saw him and in my head, I’m like I am on TNT, where I used to watch
Nitro, or record Nitro and watch RAW, and Sting was a major player in that. At one point in time you could say that Sting was WCW, everyone left except for him. He never left, until the company closed of course. So when I looked over I was like this is a trip. That’s why I grabbed him and I said, excuse my language ‘Hey it’s f*cking Sting!’ I’m guessing he heard that and he liked it. Then Mox heard it and came over.”

“I saw a meme that said ‘When your 3 uncles go out.’ But it’s true, the fan that appreciates pro wrestling came out of me. I appreciated the fact that there is the history with TNT and Sting. Whether people want to believe it or not, history is written by the victors. You have WWE’s side about what happened with WCW, but at one time WCW was the biggest company in America, and Sting was part of that. The Crow Sting deal, that was one of the reasons why. You just gotta give him credit, that’s why I did that because this is nuts. I would never have thought of this.”

Eddie Kingston also discussed what it means to the whole of AEW to have CM Punk now as part of the company.

The Mad King challenges Miro for the TNT Championship at All Out live on pay-per-view on Sunday 5th of September.