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Eddie Kingston Recalls Heartwarming Moment With Brodie Lee Ahead Of AEW Debut

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has recalled a heartwarming moment he shared with Brodie Lee just seconds before stepping through the curtain to make his AEW debut.

Writing in the Players’ Tribune, AEW star Eddie Kingston emotionally described how a brief conversation with Brodie Lee ahead of his AEW debut changed his life.

By the time that Eddie Kingston arrived in AEW in July 2020, he was a 38-year-old, near 20-year veteran, who was by his own admission, just days away from moving back in with his mother. But after appearing at an outdoor show in New Jersey where he called out every time wrestler he could think of, the clip made its way to Cody Rhodes via social media.

This is in turn led to Kingston facing Rhodes on the July 22nd episode of Dynamite. After the match a huge swell of support developed on social media for Kingston, which helped him get signed by AEW on a permanent basis. A moment that well and truly changes the New Yorkers life.

Reflecting on his debut, Eddie Kingston praised Rhodes for letting him cut a promo on him tearing him to pieces, before recalling another man who was stood by the curtain that night, Mr Brodie Lee. Kingston had known Lee for a number of years having crossed paths with the star during their time on the independent scene. Kingston described how a brief interaction with his friend helped him go to the ring and earn himself a contract.

“Another guy who changed my life in that moment… and damn, I am going to get emotional just thinking about this, because he’s not with us anymore….

But another guy who changed my life was Brodie Lee. (Rest in peace.) I had known Brodie for years from the indie circuit. Just the best guy. A true pro. He was standing backstage right before I was about to go out through the curtain, and he could see that I was just numb. He walked up to me all serious, and he goes, “Hey, where’s the Eddie Kingston I know?”

He shoved me hard. I stumbled back. And it’s like he woke up the beast.

I looked him right in the eyes and I shoved him back.

He stumbled back a couple of steps and then he looked at me and said, “There he is.”

We just started cracking up.

I walked out through that curtain that night a very broken man. Thirty-eight years old. Bitter. Self-destructive. About to move back in with his mother.

I cannot explain to you what happened next. I still don’t understand it. I am still waiting for someone to wake me up from the dream.”

Eddie Kingston is currently on a collision course with CM Punk. After Kingston interrupted a promo from Punk on an episode of Rampage, the former WWE star called out Kingston on the following episode of Dynamite.

This led to a heated confrontation between the two men days later on November 5th. The stars insulted each other before Kingston challenged his rival to a match at Full Gear saying that he only cared about beating Punk up. At this, a brawl ensued which had to be broken up by officials, trainers, referees and other wrestlers.

After the chaos abated, it was confirmed that the two men will meet at Full Gear on November 13th.