Eddie Kingston Feels Pressure Heading Into TNT Championship Match

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has opened up about the pressure he is feeling ahead of his TNT Championship match with Miro at AEW All Out.

Kingston was named as the next challenger for Miro after the pair had to be pulled apart on a recent episode of Rampage. The incident happened when Miro attacked Fuego Del Sol following their match. Kingston ran down to make the save and chaos ensued, with the two men having to be dragged apart with neither willing to take a backward step.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh, the ‘Mad King’ explained that he was feeling pressured ahead of the match, “but in a good way”.

“Well I feel pressured but in a good way. When I say good pressure, I mean the pressure that makes diamonds. Because we have so many great professional wrestlers here, you gotta step your game up. Especially if you are on a pay per view, there is not a lot of slots for guys to get on. So when you do get on, you have to show and prove.”

Kingston went into more detail about what he meant about proving himself, something that went back to his days teaming with The Butcher and The Blade.

“Me, Butcher and Blade used to have the same code, ‘force in the hand’. It means when we go out there on TV or pay per view, Rampage or Dynamite, we go out there and we do everything we can to force the hand by doing our jobs better than anybody else can. That’s how you force the hand and keep yourself on TV and on pay per view and all that. So if I go into this pay per view with Miro, either a) I don’t win, or b) I don’t put on a great fight, then why would people want to see me anymore? Why would Tony Khan put me on the show if I can’t perform or fight or win? I like that pressure, so I’m going into this thinking I’m going to bust Miro up and win. That’s it, there is no other way here for me to think.”

The ‘Last of a Dying Breed’ also revealed his gameplan for the match, saying that Miro has a “chink in his armour”.

“Also Miro has a chink in his armour with his neck, I’ll let everyone know my game plan I am going after his neck. All of my moves survive by the neck anyway. There is my gameplan Miro. But that’s the thing and that is what I am amped up about.”

Eddie Kingston will face Miro for the TNT Championship at AEW All Out on September 5th live on pay per view.

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