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Eddie Kingston Explains His Reaction Inside The ‘Exploding’ Ring

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has given his explanation on his actions at the end of AEW Revolution when the exploding ring failed to blow up.

In the main event of Revolution Jon Moxley faced Kenny Omega for the AEW World Title. The two men had a brutal exploding barbed wire death match that Omega would eventually win thanks to help from Gallows and Anderson. With the match won, Omega and his cohorts cleared the ring leaving a handcuffed Moxley prone. A countdown began to signal when the ring would explode as per the stipulation of the match. Eddie Kingston, Moxley’s long-time friend, and recent rival would come to the ring to try and get Moxley out. When Kingston couldn’t do this, he covered Moxley to protect him from the blast. However, a blast never came. Instead, the explosion fizzled out into something of a damp squib.

As the show went off the air Kingston and Moxley were both seen suffering the effects of the would-be explosion. AEW President Tony Khan would explain post-show that Omega had designed the ring and it was a case of him just not being a good explosives engineer. This didn’t quite explain Kingston’s reaction after the fact, however.

Speaking on AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston appeared in a backstage interview with Jon Moxley. Kingston would give his explanation as to why he was suffering as Revolution ended.

Kingston explained:

“Well folks here it is, the big explanation that everyone wants to know about, it’s a little embarrassing but you know, I’m me. When I went in that ring and covered my friend, thinking there was going to be this big explosion and all these fireworks, I caught a flashback to the last time I had this anxiety. The last time I had this kinda panic, where I couldn’t breathe.”

“And that’s when I was sitting in a jail cell, getting ready for court and I had the guards walking back and forth telling me ‘we’re going to take you to Ryker’s boy, we’re going to take you to ‘sing-sing’ boy’. And everything went black, that’s what happened. Go ahead and make fun of it. Call me a coward, less of a man. I’m not speaking for you and I’m not speaking to you. I’m speaking to those who understand where I’m coming from.”

Moxley would interject addressing the failed explosion and Kenny Omega:

“Let me ask you a question when that bomb came in the mail, did it come in a box which had big bold letters that said ‘ACME’ on it? I made more explosive volcanoes in fourth-grade science class. What the hell was that? Look, I had an explosive barbed wire deathmatch live on pay-per-view and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. It is a cool t-shirt but I didn’t win the world championship. Kenny, you were the better man that night at Revolution. But I did get a drinking buddy back.”

Eddie Kingston would make his presence felt in the ring on Dynamite. Kingston would interrupt Omega, Don Callis, and The Good Brothers before taking a shot at the AEW World Champion.

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