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Eddie Kingston Discusses Joining Forces With Jon Moxley In AEW

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston has talked about his partnership with long-time friend Jon Moxley and says the pair are the same on-screen as they are off it.

When Kingston came to AEW in 2020 he soon had his sights set on going after his long-time friend as Moxley held the AEW World Championship at the time. ‘The Mad King’ used his partnership with Butcher, Blade, and The Lucha Brothers to gain any upper hand he could before he faced Moxley for the title at Full Gear.

Come the title match, Moxley was able to overcome Kingston and choked his friend turned foe out to retain his belt. After the dust had settled, Moxley and Kingston were able to put their differences behind them and resumed their friendship on-screen. Ultimately their teamwork earned them a shot at The Young Bucks and their AEW Tag Team Championship at Double Or Nothing but the Jackson brothers were able to retain.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh, Eddie Kingston has discussed his relationship with Moxley and says the two have no shortage of banter to trade back and forth:

“I don’t know if he is having more fun or if he is annoyed at me cracking jokes as we are going to the ring. He is trying to be this big tough guy, and I’m behind him going ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. Real tough guy. Look at this real big tough guy in front of me.’ And he’ll be like ‘Shut up. Shut up.’ Me and Jon have very good banter as they say. We just bust each other’s balls constantly, like even in the ring.”

“I remember this one kid, Danny Limelight, got the better of me in a match. Then I clotheslined him in the face and fell down and I’m getting mad. Mox is on the apron laughing. I’m like ‘You go ahead and you do what you gotta do.’ I tagged out after, and that’s us. Everything you see on TV, that’s legit. So if it looks like he is having fun, it’s probably because I am talking sh*t behind him. Or I’m talking sh*t to him in the ring. I will be like ‘You’re gonna let this guy do this to you? I thought you were the big tough guy here.’ We go back and forth the whole time. But that’s us though.”

Eddie Kingston had the chance to become TNT Champion at AEW All Out against ‘The Redeemer’ Miro. Ultimately a low blow from Miro followed by a devastating running thrust kick was enough for the Bulgarian to overcome Kingston.

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