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Eddie Kingston Says Cesaro “Doesn’t Have The Balls” To Come To AEW

Eddie Kingston Cesaro

Eddie Kingston weighed in on Cesaro’s WWE exit, claiming he “doesn’t have the balls” to come to AEW now that he’s a free agent.

News broke on February 24th that long time WWE Superstar Cesaro, real name Claudio Castagnoli, had quietly exited the company. Because his departure was due to contract expiration and not being released, he is not subject to a non-compete clause, and can therefore work wherever he chooses as soon as he wants.

While Cesaro is reportedly well-liked among most of his peers, AEW star Eddie Kingston hasn’t hidden the fact that he’s no fan of the Swiss Superman. Following news of Cesaro’s free agency, Kingston took a jab on social media that was seemingly aimed at his former foe.

“All I am going to say is, he doesn’t have the balls to come to AEW.”

When a fan quote tweeted Kingston with a YouTube video that detailed his respect-based feud with Claudio Castagnoli in the now-defunct CHIKARA promotion, the Mad King responded and confirmed his intent in the original tweet. In fact, he indicated that this feud showed why he has hostility toward his former adversary.

“So I was his walking the WTKR videos and then I was humbled by this. But this shows why I don’t like him.”

The AEW star has shared the ring with Castagnoli on numerous occasions in promotions such as Ring Of Honor, CZW, and CHIKARA. The men last faced each other in March 2011 at a CHIKARA show in Kingston’s hometown of New York.

This isn’t the first time Eddie Kingston has made his disdain for Cesaro known

In a December interview, the Mad King made it clear that despite their history together, he doesn’t respect Castagnoli, who he called an “idiot.”

Speaking to NY News 12 Long Island The Mad King let his true feelings be known about former WWE United States Champion:

“There’s certain people in wrestling I do not like. Punk is one. Cesaro is another one, the big Swiss idiot in WWE. I know him as Claudio (Castagnoli). I don’t like him, I don’t respect him. If he ever comes here, we’re going to have a problem. Or whenever his contract’s up. I don’t even pay attention to what he does. But guys like that, I just don’t like, don’t respect.”

Kingston has never been afraid to speak his mind when addressing his opponents, and is set to face Chris Jericho at AEW Revolution on March 6th after the two shared an epic battle of words on the most recent episode of Dynamite.