Eddie Hall Makes His Professional Wrestling Debut (VIDEO)

Eddie Hall Makes His Professional Wrestling Debut (VIDEO)

Former World’s Strongest Man champion Eddie Hall made his professional wrestling debut in his hometown of Stoke On Trent.

The spectacle took place at a Megaslam Wrestling show on the 11th of February, where Hall showcased his immense strength and showmanship to the delight of his fans.

Hall’s debut match took place as part of the Main Event Megaslam Rumble, where he joined Team Megaslam. Despite being new to the sport, Hall’s natural talent and determination shone through as he transitioned from strongman to wrestler. The crowd was electrified as he displayed his power moves, including an impressive stalling suplex and devastating body slam.

Hall went on to win the bout by eliminating the final opponent, by effortlessly throwing him over the top rope. Fans in attendance were thrilled by Hall’s performance, including his family who had no idea that The Beast would be performing that night.

Following his performance, Hall recently shared a video on his YouTube channel highlighting his journey towards his in-ring debut and its aftermath, where he was congratulated by fellow wrestlers and his family.

What Is Eddie Hall Doing Now?

With his debut in professional wrestling now behind him, many of Hall’s fans may be wondering if he will make any further appearances on the UK independent circuit, or if he will turn his attention to bigger promotions. Eddie Hall had also previously revealed that he had interest shown in him by WWE, but ultimately decided against the idea.

However, since his debut Hall has not made any appearances or been announced for any further wrestling shows, instead he announced that he was focussing on exploring the world of bodybuilding.