Eddie Dennis Accuses Mark Andrews Of Attacking Flash Morgan Webster

Eddie Dennis Thumb

On last night’s edition of NXT UK, ‘The Swansea Savant’ Eddie Dennis returned to action and pointed the finger at Mark Andrews for the recent attack on Flash Morgan Webster.

Following a lively opener in which Dennis thwarted Oliver Carter with the Severn Bridge, the Welsh native took to the microphone to address the mysterious attack which took place several weeks ago.

After kicking the fallen body of Carter from the squared circle and ordering him to get back to the NXT UK tag team division, Dennis turned to the camera and stared straight into the soul of ‘The MOD Father’:

“Speaking of tag divisions, isn’t it terrible what happened to Flash Morgan Webster? ‘Course, we all know who did it. Who stood to gain the most from Flash being on the shelf? Regardless, next week in this very ring I am inviting you Flash and bring your illustrious best friend, Mark Andrews, for a special mediation lead by yours truly, Eddie Dennis.”

With Eddie Dennis now spotlighting his former Progress tag team partner for the attack on Webster, the expectation is that it will be revealed that the attacker is either Eddie Dennis himself in order to begin a storyline with Pretty Deadly – who Dennis has taken under his wing in recent weeks – or something darker and more exciting still.

The entire focus is now on Mark Andrews as suspect number one, but there could be another twist in this intriguing tale should it be revealed that Webster himself feigned his attack and was the man behind the pre-break ambush of his South Wales Subculture brother all along.

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