ECW Icon Confronted Vince McMahon Over “Miscommunication”

Vince McMahon WWE

A former ECW and WWE star has opened up about confronting Vince McMahon over “miscommunication” issues taking place in his company.

In any workplace, communication is key, and when communication isn’t at its best, problems occur. Former WWE and ECW star Tommy Dreamer was discussing just that on the recent Busted Open podcast, as he recalled having to confront former WWE boss Vince McMahon about miscommunication problems in WWE:

“I’ve literally had people come up and say, ‘Well, they don’t want me to bump and feed for your comeback.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ So then I went to the ‘they’, Vince McMahon, and said, ‘Hey man, you weren’t happy with that match because he said that you did not want him to bump and feed for the match.’ And he’s like, ‘Why would I say that?'”

“[Dreamer replied] ‘Great, this is the miscommunication within your company, and if it’s your enforcers, your agents that are the ones okaying it, come at them, don’t come at the wrestler.’ And that’s a massive part of why I have issues. And trust me, there are people that are like that and a lot of that is because of their own insecurity.”

During his time in WWE, Tommy Dreamer worked in the ring and behind the scenes, working as part of the talent relations department for a spell.

Dreamer made his name in ECW, where he captured the ECW World Championship before joining WWE in 2001. Between spells in WWE, Dreamer also spent time in TNA and founded his own House of Hardcore promotion.

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