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EC3 On Getting Heat For A Segment With Daniel Bryan

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Ring of Honor Superstar, EC3, has spoken out about landing himself in hot water during his initial run in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

As Derek Bateman, EC3 joined the then reality show in order to develop his skills as a professional wrestler but became part of a minor storyline with mentor, Daniel Bryan, when the pair double-dated The Bella Twins.

Despite being part of both seasons four and five of the show, the talent got heat backstage for a segment in which he and the leader of ‘The Yes Movement’ played a game of ‘how well do you know your pro?’

Sitting down with Fightful, EC3 told the story of the game and how he was chastised by the locker room for cheating on television. Coincidentally, the same story Daniel Bryan has previously told in his autobiography: