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“Dynamite On A Microphone” – Steve Austin Praises CM Punk

Stone Cold CM Punk

Steve Austin took to his Instagram account to share two photos of himself and CM Punk, along with a heartfelt comment about the ‘Best in the World’.

The first picture shows Punk and the ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ in more recent times, whilst the second shows Stone Cold beside a teenage CM Punk, sporting bleach blonde hair, years before his time as one of WWE’s most celebrated champions.

Commenting on the pictures, Austin would state how far Punk had come between the two pictures:

“Throwing it back a couple of years ago and many years ago. First pic is a while back when @cmpunk stopped by my place on the Mean Streets of Los Angle Eze. Marina del Rey to be exact. Same town @georgestrait sang about… Second pic is after a show at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago. At the hotel/restaurant we always stayed at when we were in town. I think it was the Clarion or something like that.

Anyway, Chicago would turn out to be one of my best towns to work. And the Rosemont was my fave building to work because of the acoustics there. You could hear everything instantly and it was loud. Crazy ass fans that you love to work for. The kid I met many years ago did pretty damn good for himself. Great worker in the ring and dynamite on a microphone. 🎤🎤🎤”

Notably, the post was shared on Austin’s 56th birthday. Many took to the comments section to wish Steve a happy birthday, including CM Punk, who wrote “Classic pic! Happy birthday! 👊🏻🔥”

Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk never faced each other inside the squared circle, though the potential match up has always been a highly discussed topic amongst fans and has become one of the dream matches of modern times. Famously, Punk and Austin were interviewed by Jim Ross to promote ‘WWE 13’ back in 2012. As tensions rose throughout the interview, many online fans questioned if CM Punk would be the one to draw Stone Cold out of retirement for one more match.

Both men are now seemingly retired from in-ring competition. Though internet rumours circulate over a CM Punk return almost weekly, Steve Austin retired from in-ring competition in 2003 and has stated multiple times he has no desire to return to the ring. However, internet speculation ran wild in 2019, when Austin was discussing the potential for one more match on his podcast ‘The Steve Austin Show’:

“Physically, would I be able to have one more match? Yes, most definitely, and I could make it to that match without being injured. Although the risks are always there, just because I think all of the surgeries, I had… where I had the spinal stenosis, and getting that bone spur taken off my spinal cord – I’m in a good place. Nerves are feeling a lot better than they use to. So, you know, in theory, could I have a match? In theory, yes.”

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