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Dynamite Kid To Feature In Dark Side Of The Ring

Dynamite Kid

Dark Side Of The Ring will be featuring former WWE Tag Team Champion Dynamite Kid. in an episode of their upcoming third season.

The critically acclaimed documentary series has covered the darker side of professional wrestling in its first two seasons. Covering topics such as Chris Benoit, the Von Erichs, Bruiser Brody, and the tragic death of Owen Hart.

A new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider states that producers for the show have interviewed Kid’s first wife, his children, and former sister-in-law, Bret Hart’s ex-wife, Julie Hart.

Dynamite Kid, real name Tom Billington, was a star of Stampede Wrestling before travelling to Japan where he really made his name. Kid had several matches with Japanese legend Tiger Mask. The two were pivotal in popularising the junior heavyweight style of professional wrestling that has become the dominant style today.

Kid would then join WWE with Davey Boy Smith as The British Bulldogs. The duo would win the WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 2, defeating Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine. Kid and Smith would leave WWE after Survivor Series 1988 and head back to Stampede and Japan. Dynamite Kid wrestled his last match in 1996 for Michinoku-Pro in a 6-man tag team bout. Kid teamed with Dos Caras and Kuniaki Kobayashi to defeat Mil Mascaras, The Great Sasuke and Tiger Mask.

In the years after his retirement, Dynamite Kid was confined to a wheelchair due to his injuries. He would pass away on his 60th birthday, the 5th of December 2018.

Dark Side Of The Ring will be covering a variety of topics in its third season including Chris Kanyon, Brian Pillman and Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling in Japan.

Credit: Mike Johnson of PWInsider