Dwayne Johnson’s Young Rock “On The Bubble” At NBC

Young Rock Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s Young Rock series is in danger of cancellation and is not a part of NBC’s fall schedule according to a new report.

Premiering in 2021, Young Rock chronicles a fictionalized version of Johnson’s childhood and journey to becoming The Rock in WWE. In addition to appearing in the show himself in a fictional bid to become President of the United States in the year 2032, Johnson is portrayed by multiple actors as the show tells stories at various stages in the Hollywood icon’s life.

The series finished its third season on NBC back in February, and according to a new report from Deadline, fans may not see any more episodes as the show faces the possibility of cancellation. Along with American Auto and Grand Crew,Young Rock was noticeably absent from NBC’s new fall and midseason schedules.

According to Deadline, NBC stated that “decisions are yet to be made” regarding all three series. Deadline states that the shows are “on the bubble” as they await those decisions, and little has been heard about Young Rock specifically, indicating that chances of cancellation are high. However, the report also points out that The Rock’s involvement and strong delayed-viewing numbers could work in the show’s favor.

Dwayne Johnson Praised Becky Lynch For Her Role On Young Rock

The third season of the NBC comedy saw current WWE headliner Becky Lynch take on the role of Cyndi Lauper, who was instrumental in helping propel WWE to the next level of mainstream notoriety in the 1980’s.

Taking to social media ahead of her first appearance, Johnson praised Lynch for her dedication to the role and said she “crushed it.”

Cool news alert 🚨

Officially welcoming @beckylynchwwe to our YOUNG ROCK cast 🔥🔥

Becky takes on the daunting and FUN task of playing the one and only – the icon Cyndi Lauper.

I was right there for Becky’s audition and we were all very impressed at her high level commitment as an actor to become Cyndi Lauper.

No easy task, but she worked her butt off and went all in – and crushed it.

CAN’T WAIT for you guys to see Becky’s acting debut!!!