Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Kidnaps Fellow WWE Star

Ava Raine - Dwayne Johnson's daughter

Since making her NXT debut back in October, Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Ava Raine, has found herself clashing with Thea Hail.

On the February 7th episode of the show, Raine appeared to come up with a rather unique way of dealing with her rival, kidnap her.

During a segment between Hail and Tiffany Stratton, the Schism member snuck in and grabbed the Chase U star before leaving. While Raine’s intentions for Hail remain unclear, it appears she isn’t enjoying herself in the slightest. Posting on social media, she said that she doesn’t know how Chase U deals with her, before sharing a photo of Hail crying from NXT.

“this thing needs to be sedated i don’t know how chase u deals with her”

When Did Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Join WWE?

Raine began training at the WWE Performance Center in February 2020 before officially signing with the company three months later. However, it wouldn’t be until October 25th, 2022 that she arrived on NXT television as the mysterious fourth member of Schism. Although the star has continued to make regular appearances on television, she’s yet to make her on-screen in-ring debut.

Speaking back in December NXT boss Shawn Michaels claimed that Raine is progressing in-ring at a “great pace.”

“From an in-ring standpoint, I guess I would have to ask one of the coaches on that. I think, with everybody, she’s developing and working at an absolutely great pace. I always throw back to “No news is good news”, and from every report that I read, it’s fantastic and successful.

The biggest thing for us – she’s having some fun. We always let her do her job and do it well, but at the same time, this is a very young group that we have here, and I’d really love for them to have fun and enjoy it while they’re doing it,

This is a tough gig, and it’s a lot easier to do if you’re enjoying the entire process. She’s definitely doing that!”

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