Dwayne Johnson WWE Trading Card Sets Incredible Sales Record

Dwayne Johnson

WWE has a massive merchandise empire that includes a wide array of different media. The company sells everything from toys to video games to clothes to other random memorabilia.

Of course, WWE has also entered the lucrative world of trading cards and they’ve had plenty of success on that front since some cards featuring specific stars and legends end up being worth a lot of money to the right buyer.

Then there’s a card depicting Dwayne Johnson, which has shattered a sales record and become the single most valuable WWE trading card in history.

The card, known as the 2022 Panini Prizm WWE Black Prizm, is a one-of-a-kind card featuring Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, giving The Rock Bottom to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Dwayne Johnson’s one-of-a-kind trading card breaks record at charity auction

According to a report by WrestlingInc, the card was sold at an auction for $US 126,000. That makes this card the most expensive in the history of the WWE Trading Card franchise.

According to PWCC, whoever possesses this card happens to have “the best WWE trading card in existence”.

“This is arguably the best WWE trading card in existence. Cards like this rarely surface for public sale since they are so scarce. And when scarcity outweighs public demand, you see record prices. This was the perfect combination to drive that demand.”

By comparison, the second-highest-valued WWE trading card, a rookie Hulk Hogan card, sold for less than half of Dwayne Johnson’s.

WWE has been selling trading cards for decades. The company that was previously responsible for creating and distributing them was Topps Company, which did so for over two decades. Then in 2022, the rights to the trading cards was bought by Panini Group.

Dwayne Johnson’s card was part of the first set of trading cards released under this new company’s management. Because of its value and rarity, the Professional Sports Authenticator rated it a Near Mint 7.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription