A Drunken Dwayne Johnson Once Played Tajiri’s Guitar For Guests While On His Private Plane

Dwayne Johnson - Rock Concert

Wrestling fans are used to hearing horror stories from their heroes about life on the road, but sometimes the the simply surreal outweighs the daily grind. Especially when that something involves a drunk Dwayne Johnson serenading you on his own private plane.

By the summer of 2002, Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson was one of the biggest stars in the wrestling world and was taking his first steps towards conquering Hollywood. As a result, while on the road with WWE, the company often chartered him his own plane, as they did with stars such as The Undertaker. On one particular occasion, Johnson needed to fly to Los Angeles, and offered to take a number of wrestlers who lived in the area with him.

Dwayne Johnson Got Drunk On Rum And Sang To His Fellow Wrestlers

One fellow Superstar who got to join the gathering was Tajiri. During this period the Japanese star kept a diary, detailing his experiences in WWE from 2002 until 2006 which was later turned into a book. Extracts of which have been translated by Twitter user @BAHUFMW. In one section of the diary, Tajiri recalls being asked if he wanted to fly with The Rock.

“August 20, 2002, Fayetteville, North Carolina The Rock beckoned me, “Come over here” I wondered What?

“Tajiri your house is in Los Angeles. After today’s show, would you like to join us on a chartered plane?”

Tajiri went on to explain that Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Chuck Palumbo were also part of the group joining The Great One. The former Cruiserweight Champion said that Rock joked he would have to go on Vince McMahon’s place when they got to the airport. Once onboard, the plane is described as “like a reception room” with a large sofa and a bar. Tajiri then broke down what everyone was drinking.

“The Rock seems to mix rum with apple sod. Rey and I drink Corona from Mexico. Chuck and Chavo are drinking something like Heineken.”

After recalling an interaction with the pilot, Tajiri recalled offering his guitar to Johnson who proceeded to drunkenly sing to everyone as they made their way to Los Angeles.

“‘Mr Rock, I play the guitar as a hobby and always carry it with me. Are you interested in playing it?’ I looked out of the window at the beautiful sky as a drunken Rock played a live performance as we arrived at our destination in Los Angeles.”

Dwayne Johnson’s unlikely performance won’t come as a surprise to long-time wrestling fans who remember the star performing a number of hilarious ‘Rock Concerts’ during his heel run as “Hollywood Rock” in early 2003.