Dwayne Johnson Reveals Recent Conversations With Vince McMahon

The Rock Vince McMahon Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has given his thoughts on the prospective deal between WWE and Endeavor while confirming he recently spoke with Vince McMahon.

Johnson became a wrestling legend with WWE and has a relationship with Vince McMahon that spans decades. Meanwhile, in more recent years he has also worked with UFC, which is owned by Endeavor.

Appearing on NBC’s Sqwark on the Street, the star also known as The Rock discussed the deal, commenting that he “connected with Vince the other day.” With regard to the future of WWE, Johnson said that he was excited about the merger.

“I see smooth sailing. They’ve known each other for a very long time. We all have, as a matter of fact, and I see smooth sailing with this. This has been a long time coming. Think about where Vince started. I often talk about my seven bucks moment, how I had seven bucks in my pocket when I was cut from the Canadian Football League.

Vince had his seven bucks moment as well when he leveraged every dollar he had for the very first WrestleMania. Years later, he creates this merger with Ari that is in the billions of dollars. I see, when I say smooth sailing, these guys are adamant on creating an incredible conglomerate that is going to entertain the masses. Between WWE, UFC, Bullriding, and probably other things that are coming down the pipe, I’m excited about this merger.”

Dwayne Johnson Admits Wrestling Saved Relationship With Daughter

Speaking elsewhere the Hollywood star touched upon his daughter’s burgeoning wrestling career and their relationship. Johnson admitted that he wasn’t always around when Simone was young, but that’s changed now she has begun her own in-ring career as Ava in NXT. The star added that wrestling has been his family’s saviour.

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