Dwayne Johnson Honors Loretta Lynn In Duet With Kelly Clarkson [Video]

Dwayne Johnson - Rock Concert

Dwayne Johnson stunned American audiences in his duet with Kelly Clarkson to honor the late Loretta Lynn.

Loretta Lynn sadly passed away after an incredible career in country music that spanned six decades. She scored an impressive 24 number one hit singles and a whopping 11 number one albums. She only stopped touring in 2018 due to a stroke and broken hip after an unprecedented run of touring for 57 years.

It was only fitting that they bring in a guest of the highest calibre on the Kelly Clarkson show to pay tribute to the late singer and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was just the man for the job.

Kelly Clarkson has also had a storied career in the lead up to her own hit show with a staggering 28 million albums sold and over 54 million singles sold worldwide.

“Who Would Have Known Dwayne Johnson Is A Country Boy?”

The concept behind The Kelly Clarkson Show according to the official press release is “a weekday brunch party with a fascinating guest list of people who would otherwise never meet”. As Clarkson performs a cover song at the end of each episode and Johnson has impressive vocal ability it made sense to match the two in this performance. Check out the video below.


Viewers seemed impressed with Johnson’s vocals and had the following to say in the comments section:

“This is unexpected, didn’t know Dwayne sang until now and loved his low voice that matches with Kelly’s high notes which she killed it once more. What a great tribute to the late Loretta Lynn.”

“His voice really actually fits that song. Who would have guessed Dwayne is a countryboy?”

It is widely known that Johnson is a huge fan of country music and is himself no stranger to performing. Whilst The Rock recorded his own WWF album and even scored a hit single as a guest on the Wyclef Jean smash ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, it was perhaps his run as ‘Hollywood Rock’ that best displayed his singing accolades.

In 2003, Johnson began performing with an acoustic guitar, parodying famous country songs to make fun of the city he was performing in, with his ‘Rock Concert’ in Toronto being one of the most memorable.

Whilst on this occasion the Maple Leafs fell victim to Johnsons jabs, he would actually make up for this with an appearance at a Maple Leafs game 19 years later.