Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Ava Raine Revealed As Mystery Schism Member On WWE NXT

Dwayne Johnson Simone Johnson (Ava Raine)

Simone Johnson joined WWE as a trainee at the Performance Center in February 2020 at just 18-years-old. As the daughter of Dwayne Johnson, she is the first fourth-generation Superstar in WWE history. Both her grandfather, Rocky Johnson, and great-grandfather ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia were also legends of the squared circle. Back in May, Simone Johnson revealed that she had been given a new WWE moniker, Ava Raine.

Following her first promo at a WWE NXT live event, Dwayne Johnson praised his daughter and commented on her new name. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Ava Raine’s television debut to see how she’s progressing, and on the October 25th episode of WWE NXT, they got to see what’s next for the fourth-generation wrestler.

The Schism Has Been Teasing A Mystery Member For Weeks, And The Mystery Was Solved When Ava Raine Revealed Her Face

For weeks, a mysterious figure in a red cloak has been appearing in the audience of WWE NXT. Last week, Joe Gacy declared that he was ready to reveal the fourth member of Schism to the world, and on the October 25th episode, all four members appeared in the middle of the ring.

After Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid all had their say about health and growth, the mystery person removed her hood and mask, revealing herself to be none other than Ava Raine in her WWE NXT television debut. Raine took to the microphone, declaring that The Schism gave her a family to belong to.

“The love and acceptance The Schism has given me defies any preconceived notions of who I’m supposed to be. This family completes me. I am Ava Raine.”

Following her promo, the four members of the group hugged in the middle of the ring.

Elsewhere on WWE NXT, R-Truth made a surprise appearance following his return to WWE Raw last night. While he initially thought he was there to host Halloween Havoc, he quickly found himself angering Grayson Waller, who challenged him to a match next week.