Dutch Mantell Reveals Why He Took The Undertaker To Wrestlers Court

The Undertaker WWE Hall Of Fame

Wrestler’s court has become a popular part of wrestling lore in recent years as fans found out more about the inner workings of the WWE locker room. A way of self-policing, wrestlers could be pulled up for various misdemeanours and ‘judged’ by one of their peers, usually JBL or The Undertaker.

The Undertaker goes on trial

However, legendary manager Dutch Mantell has revealed that on one occasion the positions were reversed and he put The Undertaker on trial. The charge? Romancing the girls.

Mantell told the tale on his Story Time podcast, recalling that The Deadman denied the charges.

“I did this with Undertaker first and I put him on trial for I think romancing the girls around. Imagine. Because he denied it. He denied it. And then I was the prosecutor and the judge. Of course, you know, I never lost a bat. I never lost a case.”

Following this ‘case’, Mantell says Undertaker enjoyed it so much that he started putting him on trial instead.

And so and then Undertaker loved it so he would say, ‘Wrestlers Court,’ then he put me on trial. He’d convict me for whatever I did.”

Dutch Mantell started Wrestler’s Court as a joke

During the episode, Mantell discussed the origins of the court, saying it started off as a joke. However, when The Undertaker and JBL started using it in WWE, they would use it to try more serious issues.

“When it got up there, either Bradshaw was the judge or Undertaker was the judge and they would really try guys on kind of serious stuff. I started it as a joke but it ended up like a pretty serious shoot.”

It wasn’t all serious though, as, on one infamous occasion, Triple H put Teddy Long on trial for being a “cheap motherf*cker”.

H/T to SportsKeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.