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Dutch Mantel Recalls Vince McMahon Firing WWE Superstar On The Spot

Vince McMahon

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantel has detailed an incident that saw Vince McMahon fire a WWE Superstar on the spot after a controversial promo.

Back in 2015, Dutch Mantel was working in WWE as Zeb Coulter, the manager of Jack Swagger – now AEW’s Jake Hager – and later Cesaro as “The Real Americans”. During this time, he witnessed an incident where Vince McMahon fired Brad Maddox before he even got to the back after the former Raw General Manager referred to the audience as “cocky p***ks”.

“One guy [Brad] went out one night and he called the fans a bunch of lazy p***ks or something. Oh my God, he was fired before he got back. I was there, sitting right beside Vince and he said, ‘Tell him to go home and not come back.

“I was sitting there [backstage] and Vince was probably two people down. There was nobody in the seat next to me and Vince was there, looking at the monitor and this was the start of the night. So, Brad Maddox went out there, and they told him to [address the fans], you know, he’s a pretty decent talker, and he went down there and he called them [the audience] a bunch of p***ks.

“Vince just said, ‘What? You can’t say that.’ And they didn’t like it, so he [Vince] fired him on the spot. He was fired before he got back from the ring. He assigned an agent to go tell him to get his bag and go home. I never saw him again.”

Mantel went on to explain that he thinks Brad Maddox’s words caught Vince McMahon “the wrong way” because there were children in attendance at the show.

“Well, I think it just caught Vince the wrong way. You don’t need to say that in house shows anyway, especially on TV nights because a lot of people got their kids there. Of course, a lot of kids come to that anyway. I think it was the word he used. I don’t know. It’s Vince McMahon, so you go figure.”

Brad Maddox entered the WWE developmental system as a wrestler in OVW in 2008 before moving to FCW in 2010. He eventually joined the main roster in 2012 as a referee. He gained more of an on-screen presence after helping CM Punk defeat Ryback in their Hell in a Cell match with a low blow and a fast count.

In 2013, Maddox became the General Manager of Raw and continued to antagonise various Superstars in his role including Bryan Danielson, Big Show, and Randy Orton.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.