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Dutch Mantell On The Night Cops Held The Undertaker At Gun Point

The Undertaker Being Arrested

Dutch Mantell has told the incredible story of the night he and WWE legend The Undertaker found themselves handcuffed and at the mercy of Kentucky’s finest police officers.

Before The Undertaker became a legend in the wrestling business through his thirty-year stint in WWE, he wrestled for the Continental Wrestling Association in the pro wrestling hotbed of Memphis, Tennessee. While there the real-life Mark Calaway competed as The Master Of Pain and was managed by wrestling journeyman Dutch Mantell.

Speaking on Smack Talk, ‘Dirty’ Dutch discussed running afoul of the law one night in Kentucky after a show. According to Mantell, he and Undertaker had a run in both men would surely sooner forget.

Mantell explained:

“We were coming back, we’d wrestled in Louisville, Kentucky. We were driving back to Nashville, it’s about 160 miles, and we were driving down the road, we had another guy in the car with us. All of a sudden, we were almost to the Tenessee line and the lights come on…Kentucky trooper pulled us over. Taker was driving, I said, “Are you speeding?”, and he said, “No!”. So when he pulled us over, we moved over to the side and the spotlight comes on.”

“You don’t usually expect that, and then on the loudspeaker, he said, “Driver of the vehicle, with your left hand reach over pull the key out of the ignition and drop them on the pavement!”. So he (Taker) did and then he said, “Driver of the vehicle, exit the vehicle with your back facing this way and walk backwards”, and I went, “What the hell! This is not like any traffic stop! What are they looking for?”, and I look back and there is Mark walking back and there is the cop on his knees with a gun and he was aiming it at Mark.”

Dutch Mantell went on to say that both men had ended up cuffed as both city and state patrols tore their car apart. Mantell then explained that he found out weeks later that the car he and Undertaker were driving in had been flagged as possibly being used in a drug run with police officers searching high and low for a gun that was never there.

Credit: Smack Talk

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription