Dutch Mantell Claims Lex Luger “Couldn’t Work”

Lex Luger with fans

Dutch Mantell has hit out at Lex Luger claiming that the former World Champion was “horrible” in-ring and “couldn’t work.”

During the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s Lex Luger was one of the biggest names in the entire wrestling industry.

While appearing in Jim Crockett Promotions which later became WCW, Luger was initially aligned with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. He later split from the legendary faction and won the United States Title and later the World Heavyweight Championship.

Luger eventually left WCW and moved to the then WWF where he was again positioned at the top of the card. The Narcissist appeared at multiple WrestleMania’s and was a co-winner of the Royal Rumble along with Bret Hart in 1994.

However, he never won the WWF Championship despite coming close on more than one occasion, and being positioned as the next Hulk Hogan.

During an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Dutch Mantell reflected on Luger’s WWE run. The former manager being less than complimentary about both Luger’s in-ring skills and his attitude.

“Lex was horrible. They pushed him to the moon and back. He couldn’t work. He just couldn’t do it. He was too busy posing and flexing. When I first got in the business, they said, ‘The worst thing you can do is have a bodybuilder’s attitude.’ I said, ‘What does that mean?’ They said, ‘A guy even when you have him down, he’s posing.’”

Mantell highlighted the match between Luger and The British Bulldog and The Blu Brothers at WrestleMania 11. Mantell who was managing The Blu Brothers, got fed up of hearing the four men discuss the match for more than two and a half hours, so came up with his own plan.

“They went, ‘Wow, that sounds great.’ I said, ‘Damn, we could have done this almost two hours ago, and I sit here and listen to this cr*p.’ Not necessarily coming from Ron and Don [The Blu Brothers] or even Davey Boy [Bulldog]. It was all coming from Lex. He didn’t wanna do this, this wouldn’t make him look good. He thought the match was basically his,”

Lex Luger eventually left the WWF in late 1995 to return to WCW, where he remained until the company closed in 2001.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.