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Dusty Rhodes Pitched Mr. Kennedy’s Mic Drop To Vince McMahon

Mr Kennedy

Dusty Rhodes reportedly loved the idea for Mr. Kennedy’s ‘mic drop’ that he personally pitched it to Vince McMahon to make sure it was used.

Former WWE writer Robert Karpeles made this revelation on the Comedians Of Wrestling podcast, noting he was the one who came up with the idea.

Karpeles explains:

“My one claim to fame in WWE, the one idea I pitched that made it onto TV that was a solidified idea was, we were bringing in Ken Kennedy and I was wanting to do the mic drop from the ceiling like the old [Madison Square Garden] and it would be a cool visual. I pitched that and Dusty loved it. He was like, ‘I think that’s a great idea, I’m going to pitch it to Vince.’ They knew if I pitched it, it had no chance. Dusty pitched it and Vince loved it. It wound up being a thing. It was the greatest thing ever. That’s my one contribution to the business. There was another guy who tried to claim credit for it and the other writers were like, ‘No, that was Robert’s idea. F**k off.'”

Mr. Kennedy would debut on the SmackDown brand in 2005. His entrance included the microphone dropping from the ceiling and him introducing himself repeating his second name. The former WWE United States Champion left WWE in 2008 before debuting in TNA in 2010 as Mr. Anderson. He would continue to perform the same entrance for much of his time in TNA.

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes worked on the WWE creative team when he returned to the company in 2005. In later years he was worked as creative director of NXT and was instrumental in WWE’s developmental system until his untimely passing in 2015.

Credit: Comedians Of Wrestling

h/t Fightful for the transcription