Dusty Rhodes Once Suggested Cody Rhodes To Quit Wrestling

Dusty Rhodes Cody Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes was just as frustrated as Cody Rhodes with the route that his son’s career was going in WWE.

“The American Dream” had all the faith in Cody’s ability, but believed WWE was creatively tarnishing his son’s ceiling with something as bizarre as the Stardust gimmick.

People Magazine received an exclusive clip from the upcoming American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes documentary and it had Cody detail what Dusty told him during the difficult time of his career.

“The conversations when I was doing Stardust became so negative and downtrodden, that that was one of the first times he just hit me with the basic, ‘Well, you should quit.’“

Cody’s sister Teil also recalled how frustrated her dad was, stating that he’d never become a World Champ under these circumstances.

Dusty Rhodes: “I See How Talented He Is”

The documentary does feature archival footage of Dusty talking about Cody’s potential, so even the late great Hall Of Famer got to speak about his son and the dissatisfaction he had too.

“I see how talented he is. What are they not seeing here? [It’s] to where you just want to go off, ‘Are you blind?’ But [this is] his dad talking. His dad wants him to be on top.”

Cody Rhodes obviously didn’t quit, and pro wrestling as a whole is arguably for the better as “The American Nightmare” moved away from WWE and eventually helped to launch AEW along with The Elite, starting off a mainstream rival for WWE. Now he’s set to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in Detroit.