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Dustin Rhodes Suffered Ruptured Eardrum On AEW Rampage

Dustin Rhodes

AEW star Dustin Rhodes has revealed that he suffered a ruptured eardrum during his match against Lance Archer on the latest edition of Rampage.

On the March 25th episode of AEW Rampage Dustin Rhodes faced off against Lance Archer in a hard-hitting singles match. The two fought in and outside the ring with Archer often getting the upper hand.

In the end, though, Rhodes was able to get the victory after ramming Archer’s head into an exposed turnbuckle and hit a Jackknife Powerbomb for the pinfall.

However, during the match, Archer hit ‘The Natural’ in the ear with an open-palm strike, causing it to start bleeding. After the bout ended, Archer attacked Rhodes, hitting his head off the steel ring steps, causing another bloody wound.

Following the show, Dustin Rhodes took to Twitter to provide an update on his injuries, revealing that, as well as needing five stitches for the cut on his head, he had ruptured his eardrum, causing a complete loss of hearing in that ear. He ended on a positive note, saying he is in good spirits and “not going anywhere”.

“Hey guys, rough night, told you all I’d give you an update. Got five stitches in the head. Pretty sore. The main thing is that I have a busted eardrum. Cannot hear out of it at all. But guess what? I’m in good spirits and I’m not going anywhere.”

Lance Archer responded to him, cryptically saying “That’s what you think”, indicating that the issues between the two are far from over.