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Dustin Rhodes Explains His “Excessive” Bleeding In Match With Cody

Dustin Rhodes Cody Rhodes

AEW star Dustin Rhodes has discussed his Double Or Nothing bout with his brother Cody and why he ended up bleeding to the point of being “scared.”

In May 2019, All Elite Wrestling presented its inaugural pay-per-view show from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Double Or Nothing was headlined by Chris Jericho defeating Kenny Omega but the night is remembered for the epic battle between the Rhodes brothers.

The emotional clash between Dustin Rhodes and his younger brother won the prestigious PWI Match Of The Year for 2019 and is a match still talked about today, as much for its quality as for the copious amounts of blood lost by the elder Rhodes during the contest.

Speaking on the Way of the Blade podcast, Dustin Rhodes explained what went wrong to cause him to lose that much blood:

“We didn’t do that in WWE unless you got busted open by the corner of the post or something for real. It was a hardway bleeding. It had been a long time and I was out of practice, let’s put it like that. I went deep, I hit a vein and it was excessive. I was actually scared at one point, and Cody looked at me and said ‘are you okay?’ I said ‘yeah, I’m fine.’”

“But I’m looking down, and I’ve looked at the pictures from some of the photographers that took the shots. And they’ve caught it in midstream where the thing is shooting out, and it’s dripping out of my head. And it’s constant; it did not stop. It would not stop and I’m like ‘holy s–t.’ At one point, where I gave Cody a top rope superplex, we almost fell.”

“We almost fell, and it was because I was dizzy and it was slippery up there. It was like ‘we’ve got to go now.’ If I had waited another second, I would’ve superplexed him onto the rope, so we would’ve landed kind of diagonal onto the ropes. And it wouldn’t have been good. It might’ve created some problems.”

The two men were able to finish the match with Cody Rhodes besting his older brother on that occasion. The two men emotionally embraced after the match as Cody recruited his brother to help him face The Young Bucks at Fight For The Fallen.

h/t Wrestling Inc.